Salmon Tartare

I guess I’m on a salmon kick. I rarely make it at home but here I am eating twice at home in two weeks. No complaints here–this Salmon Tartare was amazing as was the seared salmon I posted a few days ago.

In this recipe, the salmon is “cooked” in lime juice, just like in a ceviche. So by that, I mean that the fish is not cooked at all but rather is cured in the lime juice. The result is a delicious, bright taste and a pleasant texture. Make sure the salmon you buy is FRESH–this is not a place for frozen fish (though aside from white fish, I don’t think there’s ever really a place for frozen fish).

I served mine with some root vegetable chips instead of tortilla chips or regular potato chips because I wanted something that was a little more…fun. I also opted to plate mine the way tartare is sometimes presented at restaurants (see the photo). To achieve this upscale presentation, simply fill a ramekin or small bowl with the tartare, packing it tightly, and run a knife gently around the edge. Then, in the same way you’d turn a cake out of the pan, place the plate upside down on top of the bowl and gently turn it over. Pick up the ramekin and you have a mold of tartare ready for noshing.



This is definitely a dish that’s perfect for company. Your guests will feel special because let’s face it: Salmon Tartare sounds and looks fancy (it even gets italicized it’s so posh!). The great news is that a) it’s really easy to prepare and b) salmon is a very healthy, good-fat fish to nosh, and this recipe has very little added fat!

Bon Appetit!



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