White Bean + Broccoli Rabe Grinder

I am ALWAYS disappointed by “roasted vegetable” or “veggie” sandwiches when I am out and about. They’re usually so greasy because it’s often roasted vegetables with some oil-based sauce like pesto. Nothing wrong with pesto–I love it–I just don’t love it on something I’m supposed to eat with my hands.

However, when I came across this recipe on Bon Appetit, I got really excited–it didn’t have that much oil and the “spread” was a white bean dip. After making it with minor adjustments, I am happy to say I finally have a vegetable sandwich that isn’t from OILtown.

I followed the recipe with the following exceptions:

  • I made 4 servings instead of 8 by cutting the amount of broccoli rabe and bread in half. In other words, I made the full amount of white bean spread but used it on only one large loaf of bread (13-14 inches).
  • When sauteeing the broccoli rabe, I used only 1/4 cup olive oil, instead of the instucted 1/2 cup (I mentioned my disdain for a greasy veggie sandwich!) I also used only 2 bunches of broccolie rabe instead of 4, so I reduced the oil in proportion.
  • I reduced the cheese (cholesterol) to 3oz of thin slices of provolone instead of 8oz.

Here are some highlights from the prep but head over to Bon Appetit for the full recipe!

IMG_1550   IMG_1558

I used an immersion blend to puree the beans instead of transferring to a food processor.

IMG_1562   IMG_1567


Blanching the broccoli rabe removes a little of the bitterness and makes sure it’s really tender in the grinder. Squeezing the broccoli rabe dry before sauteeing is crucial as you don’t want a watery sandwich.


Spread the beans and a drizzle of olive oil.


All that broccoli rabe. #datbroccolirabedoe


Top with provolone and a sliced Fresno pepper.



Top the grinder with the other half of bread and slice into four pieces.

IMG_1580 Eat your heart out. This grinder is filling!





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