Avocado Toast

This isn’t a recipe. You mash avocado and spread it on toast (or put sliced avocado on toast) and eat it. But, it is trendy for a reason: it’s absurdly delicious. Put away the sugary jams and the butter. Because avocado takes the cake. Morning, afternoon, midnight snack. This stuff is great anytime! If you haven’t tried it, no time like the present!

Finding the “just-right” avocado: 



It should be firm but give slightly to the touch. Too hard–not ripe at all. Too soft and it’s going to be brown and yucky. If you buy a hard avocado, let it sit out on the counter to ripen a few days. If you buy a ripe avocado and don’t eat it right away, put it in the fridge and eat within a day or two. Spring and early summer are happy times for finding good avocados.

Basic Avocado Toast: 

No joke. Basic avocado toast is truly just a piece of toast with avocado and a little sea salt and cracked pepper. It makes a great snack. The toast is really just a vehicle for avocado, so don’t be afraid to use half an avocado per slice of toast. You can use whatever bread you like. I’ve been really digging the Trader Joe’s 12 grain lately.

P1020240If you’re taking the mashing route, no need for a bowl! Just mash it with a spoon or butter knife right in its own skin.



Sliced or mashed? Both delicious. A little hot sauce to spice things up on one.

Variations on a theme

some ideas…

  • guac toast: mashed avocado, squeeze of lime, salt, pepper, topped with cilantro and cherry tomatoes
  • turkey club toast: mashed avocado, salt, pepper, topped with a slice of turkey and tomato
  • avo and egg toast: sliced avocado and sliced hardboiled egg (yolk removed) on toast, topped with a little hot sauce
  • avo and cuke toast: mashed avocado, salt, pepper, a few (thin) slices of English cucumber

It’s the perfect brain food for studying or working…



How do you like your avocado toast?




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