Garden Bean Salad

I whipped up this quick garden bean salad recently. I found some yellow wax beans at the farmer’s market and knew I wanted them in a salad. This Food Network Kitchen recipe definitely delivers on a protein-rich, quick weeknight dinner. I followed the recipe from Food Network but omitted the sugar. I also didn’t bother soaking the onions to reduce the onion flavor…because I don’t mind if the onions have a little bite to them. I’ve been growing parsley and chives in my garden, so I used those as the recipe indicates, but I also think you could play around with the herbs and use whatever you fancied or had on hand (particularly basil, thyme, or sage). Similarly, you could swap out the apple cider vinegar for fresh lemon juice.



I love summer farmer’s market finds!



Blanching beans means throwing them in cold iced water to stop the cooking after they boil for a few minutes. Looks like I double dipped my spoon and some parsley snuck in – oops!



If you’re looking for a fast and healthy way to eat some fresh summer green or yellow beans, look no further.





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