I’m Josh, and I REALLY likes to cook and eat and eat and cook. I’m a southern cook at heart; I love buttery biscuits and bacon: all the really naughty food.

However, I have a history of early heart disease in my family. In 2014, at a check-up, my cholesterol was a little higher than I cared for, and I’ve been on a mission to bring it down (and keep it down). The good news: it’s working.

Since a heart healthy diet is not well defined and food labels are patronizing (a bag of lemons that say heart healthy, for example) or misleading (a processed, over-salted frozen dinner that says “heart healthy”), I hope you’ll join me as I continue hunting down and making up recipes that show what “heart healthy” means – and that it doesn’t have to be boring or bland.

I dedicate this blog to my late grandfather, Floyd, who lost the fight with heart disease.



5 thoughts on “About Josh

  1. Chelsea says:

    Nice site Josh! I needed the smoky sweet potato and collard greens but I didn’t want to go find my copy of Thug Kitchen. Oh the wonders of the internet! Have you checked out The Starch Solution by John McDougall? Excellent program, excellent reading. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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